Perry County Health Department

Community Health Information

The Perry County Health Department is pleased to provide the residents of Perry County with a variety of community health assessments and health data reports which are intended to help community stakeholders better understand the health needs and health priorities of Perry County residents. 

We invite individuals, agencies, stakeholders, and community partners to take an active role in creating a healthier Perry County by using this information to help achieve our vision for health:

Perry County Adding More to Life!

Value Strong

Community Focused

Health & Prosperity For All

As you review the assessments and data reports you will see that they provide a snapshot of our community, as well as a comparison to the state and nation. It is our hope that the data presented will provide you with valuable information for developing strategies, educating, and implementing services focused on acute and chronic health conditions, increasing access to care, addressing health disparities and health equity, overcoming barriers, and meeting unmet community health needs.  These assessments and reports provide additional insight into our health status, and they have the potential to play a significant role in influencing our course of action and helping to direct community resources where they will have the biggest impact.