Perry County Creating Healthy Communities (CHC) Program

The CHC grant is funded through the Ohio Department of Health and is awarded to the Perry County Health Department along with 21 other counties in the state. CHC is an initiative that focuses on preventing chronic disease through increased access to healthy foods and physical activity opportunities. We do this through utilizing policy, systems and environment (PSE) changes to create communities where the healthy choice is the easy choice.  The Perry County Health Department was first awarded this funding in 2005.

Vision:  Vibrant Ohio communities where everyone has access to healthy food and opportunities for active living.

Mission:  Activating community-led solutions to create sustainable change in policies, places, and population health.
Healthy People 2030 goals: Increase the proportion of adults and adolescents who walk or bike to get places Increase fruit, vegetables and whole grain consumption in people 2 years and older.


2023 CHC current projects:

  • Active living 1-mile walks throughout Perry County.
  • Healthy Eating cooking classes and community gardens partnering with Perry County OSU SNAP Educator.
  • Active transportation planning to build multi-use trails and sidewalks in Thorn Township, New Lexington and Southern Perry County.


CHC Equity Statement:
Health equity is achieved when all people in a community have access to affordable, inclusive, and quality infrastructure and services that, despite historical and contemporary injustices, allows them to reach their full health potential.


CHC Principles

  • Sustainable and equitable investments:
    CHC invests in policies, projects, places, and people to create and sustain equitable, inclusive opportunities for healthy eating and active living. 
  • Self-awareness and empathy:
    Everyone involved in CHC prepares to engage in the work by strengthening self-awareness and empathy.
  • Community-led solutions:
    Community members experiencing health inequities or social marginalization partner with CHC to amplify their collective power and lead solutions for their community.
  • Organizational partnership:
    Organizations partner with CHC to align with and direct resources toward community members’ vision and priorities.
  • Coordinator responsibility:
    CHC Coordinators approach their relationships and the work with humility, transparency, dependability, and respect for others.




For more information or to be added to the PNC Email list contact
CHC Coordinator Jenny LaRue at
or by phone  (740) 721-0864

2020-2024 Healthy Eating Projects:
  • Cooking Classes
  • Community Gardens
  • Healthy meeting policies
2020-2024 CHC State-Wide focus:
  • Inclusion
  • Healthy Equity
  • Community Engagement
  • Policies
  • Systems and Environmental Change
2020-2024 Active Living Projects:
  • Development of an Active Transportation Plan for Perry County
  • Ongoing active transportation planning
  • Bicycle and Pedestrian infrastructure
  • Park Development and Revitalization
  • Supporting communities in developing safe and accessible sidewalks and trails for mobility