Perry County Health Department

All Smoke Free Workplace Program

Ohio's Smoke Free Workplace Act was implemented in 2006 and requires places of employment and public places to be smoke free. Violations of the Smoke Free Workplace Act are investigated and enforced by the Smoke Free Workplace Program in the Bureau of Regulatory Operations at the Ohio Department of Health.

Ohio Smoke-Free Workplace Act

Ohio voters approved a smoking ban in November of 2006 which prohibits smoking in public places and places of employment. The ban provides a statewide minimum standard of protection from the health hazards associated with exposure to secondhand smoke.


Enforcement of the ban by the Ohio Department of Health became effective May 3, 2007. Many of Ohio's local health departments have partnered with the Ohio Department of Health to help provide enforcement of the law and rules, and have been designated to enforce the Smoking Ban in certain areas of Ohio. Click here or the list of Enforcement Designees in each county and city health District.


A Report of Violation Prompts an Investigation

A report of a smoking violation is necessary to prompt an investigation by the Ohio Department of Health. If you witness a violation of the smoking ban, report the violation to the Ohio Department of Health for investigation by calling 1-866-559-OHIO (1-866-559-6446) emailing, or entering the complaint online.  Additional information about filing a complaint is available on our Filing a Complaint page.