Perry County Health Department

Vital records include birth certificates, death certificates, paternity affidavits and burial/cremation permits. The PCHD maintains records of births and deaths from 1908 to present.

Certified birth and death records are $25.00. Certified copies are required for most official uses of vital records. They carry the seal of the registrar and are on special security paper.

PCHD can issue birth certificates for individuals born anywhere in the state of Ohio. Death certificates can only be issued for those who have died in Perry County.

Request a birth or death record by completing the application:

Applications can be mailed or completed in person at the Perry County Health Department. Birth and death certificates cannot be emailed. Certificates may also be ordered over the phone using a credit card, a 3% processing fee will apply.

If requesting by mail, please send a check made payable to the Perry County Health Department for $25.00.

If you need to order a birth or death record from a different state, please click here to visit the National Center for Health Statistics website for contact information.

To obtain a birth or death certificate prior to 1908, please visit the Ohio History Connection website, or contact them by phone 1-800-686-6124.

Marriage and divorce records are NOT maintained by the health department. Certified copies of marriage licenses and divorce decrees can only be obtained from the specific county probate court.


  • Registration of birth and death records
  • Issuance of burial and cremation permits

A father can be added to a birth certificate with a Paternity Affidavit. This form can only be used if no father is currently listed on the birth certificate. You can find more information on establishing paternity on the Ohio Central Paternity Registry website. Please contact our office at 740-342-5179 to see if a Paternity Affidavit can help you add the father to a birth certificate.

Corrections on a birth certificate include correcting the spelling of a name or adding a first, middle or last name if one was not previously recorded, and minor corrections to the mother or father’s names on the birth record. Corrections do not include changing the name in any form. If you would like to make a correction to your birth certificate or your child’s birth certificate, contact our office to complete a Birth Affidavit form.  To request a name change, please contact  Perry County Probate Court.

Births that occur outside of a hospital can be registered at the local health department of the corresponding county.  To register a birth in Perry County, please bring the completed Birth Parents Worksheet, Facility Worksheet, Pregnancy/Infant Verification forms and the proper identification to PCHD. Copies of these forms can be requested by contacting our office.  Home births must be registered within 365 days from the date of birth. If filing is delayed, registration will have to be completed through the county probate court.