Perry County Health Department

Allergy shots are the most commonly used and most effective form of allergy immunotherapy. Shots are effective in treating reactions to many allergens, including trees, grass, weeds, mold, house dust, dander, and insect stings. An extract of a small amount of the allergen is injected into the skin of the arm as determined by an allergist.

  • The Perry County Health Department can administer allergy shots with a physician's order. The initial allergy shot must to be given at the allergists office then we can provide the service.
  • Bring your allergy serum vial to your appointment. The nurse will follow the schedule enclosed with each vial.
  • The Perry County Health Department has emergency medical protocols in place in the event of a reaction to the allergy serum.
  • All patients will be instructed to stay 20 – 30 minutes in the waiting area after the allergy shot has been given.
  • Insurance can be billed for this service or self-pay pricing is available. Please call our office to schedule an appointment.