Rabies Program

ANIMAL BITES/RABIES PREVENTION: All animal bites on humans are required to be reported to the health department. Each is logged and followed.-up with an appropriate investigation and consultation. Each animal bite forces a decision about whether or not to quarantine the animal, sacrifice and test the animal for rabies, or- recommend that the victim submit to treatment with rabies immune globulin and a series of rabies vaccine injections. In addition to investigating animal bites, the staff also administers a program which requires the vaccination of all dogs in the county against rabies.

Perry County Rabies Control Program 

Animal bites occurring within Perry County, Ohio should be reported to our Rabies Control Program Office within 24 hours of the incident. The Perry County Health District’s Rabies Control Program is located at the Perry County Health Department Building, 212 South Main Street, New Lexington, Ohio, 43674.

Rabies Control Program Contact Information

Voice (740)342-5179   Fax (740)342-5540 We are open to take your information from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday-Friday and information may be faxed to our department at any time (740)342-5540.  Specific information that will be needed to report an animal bite includes the following:
  • Date, time and location (address) where animal bite occurred
  • Name and age of animal bite victim  (If a minor, parent’s/guardian’s name will be needed)
  • Address and phone number of bite victim
  • Location on body where animal bite occurred
  • Treatment (if any) received
  • Physician’s Name, address, phone number
  • If wild animal, was animal captured/killed for rabies testing?
  • If domestic animal, is animal available for observation? Is animal properly vaccinated against rabies?
  • Name of pet/domestic animal owner, address, phone number
  • Pet/domestic animal’s name (as recorded on vaccination records)
  • Veterinarian’s name, date last rabies vaccination given
Following exposure, an individual should immediately cleanse the wound thoroughly with soap and water, and seek prompt medical attention from a physician or hospital emergency room. And as noted above, please report the bite or other exposure to your local health department as soon as possible.]]>