Perry County Health Department

Food Service Operations and Retail Food Establishments
The Perry County Health Department oversees Food Service Operations (FSO) and Retail Food Establishments (RFE) to ensure safety in food handling practices for Perry County citizens. Registered Environmental Health Specialists with our department inspect all operations and establishments in accordance to Ohio Rules and Laws. 

Ohio Rules and Laws that govern food safety in Ohio:

The following are licensable operations in Perry County when selling food:

  • Food Service Operations (restaurants, diners, cafes, bars)
  • Retail Food Establishments (grocery, drive throughs, take out, markets, deli)
  • Mobile Food Units (food trucks, carts, trailers, pop-ups, mobile retail meat and eggs)
  • Temporary Food Events (festivals, celebrations, parades, events, auctions, fundraisers)
  • Vending Machines (hot/cold food machines, coffee, factory/warehouse locations)


License Fee Categories

Each one of the categories has a different license fee. Overall, there are 21 different fees for food licenses, contact the Perry County Health Department to verify your license fee if obtaining an application from this website.


Licensing for Existing Food Service Operations and Retail Food Establishments:

Food Service Operation and Retail Food Establishment Application

Annual Renewal - Submit this application to the Perry County Health Department. Call the health department and confirm your payment amount before submitting it with this application.


All existing operations and establishments are required to renew their license and pay an annual fee to the Perry County Health Department.  License applications are mailed to operators February 01 of each year.  License applications and fees are due (must be postmarked) by March 01 of each year.  Failure to submit renewal applications by the March 01 deadline will result in a penalty of 25% of the licensing fee.


New and Proposed Food Service Operations and Retail Food Establishments:

Are you a new operation, new owner, or making major renovations?

Food Service Operations and Retail Food Establishments that wish to operate at a new or an existing location or that is undergoing new ownership or major renovations, must apply for Plan Review and Approval by the Perry County Health Department before licensing and operation can start.


Plans that include equipment lists, lighting, water supply layout, kitchen floor plan, food processes, and menus must be submitted to our department, as laid out in the application below:

Plan Review and Approval Application – submit this application with all required accompanying documentation to the Perry County Health Department


Mobile Food Units:

**Mobile Food Units must receive a plan review and inspection before a license will be approved and sale can begin**
When operations, establishments, or individuals wish to sell their food products away from their permanent establishments, households, or farms, a mobile food license must be purchased, and the mobile unit inspected before operation and sale can occur. 
Mobile Food Licensing

Mobile Food Unit Application - submit this application to the Perry County Health Department

Mobile food licenses are needed when selling food mobile, or on the move, and can be used anywhere in the state of Ohio, for one year, once purchased and approved.  Types of foods required for mobile licensing and sale include, but may not be limited to:

  • Prepared hot and cold foods (must be maintained above 135 F or below 41 F)
  • Cold or frozen retail meat (must be USDA labeled and approved)
  • Prepared hot or cold drinks (coffees, teas, snow cones, icee, slushi)
  • Items being prepared, served, sliced, or packaged on site during operation (kettle corn, caramel apples, fudge, pretzels)


Here are links to information regarding Mobile Food Units and their requirements


Temporary Food Events:

Temporary Food Events are like Mobile Food Units except the license is only good for 5 days and one location within Perry County.  Temporary Food Permits are for local events, operations, and individuals that wish to sell food for a one time or limited time event.

If you are planning to hold a temporary event in which food will be served for sale, you will need to apply for a temporary food permit. (For operations or individuals raising money for a fundraiser, charity, or is a non-profit organization with proof of status, fees are reduced for Temporary Food Events.)

Temporary Food Event Application - submit to the Perry County Health Department, 7 days prior to the event.


These links provide information on practices that must be followed when providing food to the public.

Ohio Department of Health Food Safety Program – Ohio Department of Health link for guidance information

PCHD Temporary Food Guidelines


Vending Machines

Vending machines in Perry County are licensed and inspected by our department in accordance with Ohio Laws and Rules.  Vending machines that serve warm, cold, or frozen food that is either ready to eat or require additional warming or handling, are required to have a food license.

Some examples of licensable vending machines include: coffee machines, prepackaged cold sandwich machines, and frozen food dispensing machines. 

Sealed candy, snacks, and soda drinks are not required to license.

To license a vending location, contact our department directly.  Fees depend on the Consumer Price Index and change annually.


Cottage Food:

Some items, when baked, packaged, labeled, prepared, or sliced at home, before traveling and setup, may be exempt.

These items fall under the Ohio Department of Agriculture: Cottage Food Rules and are exempt from licensing in certain situations and at approved farmer’s markets.  For information about Cottage Food Rules, see the link below:

Ohio Department of Agriculture: Cottage Food Information


Home Bakery:

For any person who wants to make and sell potentially hazardous bakery items from their home, like cheesecake, you must license with the Ohio Department of Agriculture. For information about how to obtain a home bakery license, see the link below:

Ohio Department of Agriculture: home bakery Information


Complaints: Regarding Food Service Operations or Retail Food Establishments

For complaints on food establishments, contact The Perry County Health Department.  The Perry County Health Department is responsible for licensing and inspecting the food service operations and retail food establishments in Perry County.

Food Service and Retail Food Complaint Form - Submit to the Perry County Health Department


Food Recalls:


Services Provided by the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) Food Safety Program:

Mailing Address:

Ohio Department of Health, Bureau of Environmental Health and Radiation Protection, Food Safety Program,

246 North High Street, Columbus, OH 43215

Phone: (614) 644-7416


The ODH Food Safety Program provides technical assistance in all aspects of food safety to local health department staff, the food service industry, and the public. Technical experts are available to provide current information on food safety as it applies to licensable food service operations:

  • Provides technical assistance to local health department staff, food service industry and the public regarding issues related to:
  • Provides training programs to local health department staff and the food service industry.
  • Approves courses of study and certifies individuals in food protection certification.
  • Provides recall information regarding food products to local health departments and the public.
  • Acts as liaison with the Ohio Department of Health’s Epidemiology section and other agencies regarding foodborne disease outbreaks involving food service operations.
  • Evaluates the “food service operation programs” of local health districts, using the current Survey Methodology, to determine if boards of health are qualified and have the capacity to administer and enforce the food service operation law and rules.


Services Provided by the Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA) Food Safety Program:

The Division of Food Safety helps assure consumers are provided foods, over-the-counter drugs, dietary supplements, and cosmetics that are safe, unadulterated, and honestly presented. Division staff members work toward this goal through regulatory oversight of the wholesale and retail industry and through contracts, partnerships, and educational activities with federal, state, and local food regulatory agencies.

Division of Food Safety

Phone: (614) 728-6250

Fax: (614) 644-0720