Community Health Information

Community Health Assessment

The Perry County Community Health Assessment (CHA) Steering Committee is pleased to provide the residents of Perry County with a comprehensive summary of the community’s health status. Understanding the prevalence of chronic health conditions, barriers in access to care, and other health issues can help direct resources where they will have the highest return and impact. To that end, community agencies and organizations will begin using the data to develop and implement a community health improvement plan to meet the community health needs identified through this assessment.

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Perry County Community Health Assessment Report – (PDF)


 Community Themes and Strengths

During the period January through March 2012, the Perry County Community Health Assessment Steering Committee conducted eight focus groups to explore the perceptions of health and well-being among Perry County residents. These focus groups were conducted as part of a comprehensive community health assessment process that utilized the Mobilizing for Action through Planning and Partnerships (MAPP) framework as a guide. The focus groups served to meet the intent of the Community Themes and Strengths Assessment (CTSA). Over 59 Perry County residents participated. Across the focus groups, the following themes emerged:

  • Residents enjoy living in Perry County because it has a rural, friendly atmosphere.
  • Socioeconomic-related issues were a major concern. Within this category the issues included: poverty, education, employment, and transportation.
  • Health-related concerns included access to care, physical activity, nutrition, and health conditions.
  • Participants identified several valuable resources within the community, including but not limited to: county library, community health care agencies, social service agencies, Senior Center, and churches.
  • Participants suggested five areas to be considered for inclusion in the overall community health improvement plan: education, employment, access to care, transportation, and leadership/promotion.

The following report provides an overview of focus group methods and a summary of results.

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Perry County Community Themes & Strengths – (PDF)


 Local Public Health System Report

The National Public Health Performance Standards Program (NPHPSP) assessments are intended to help users answer questions such as “What are the activities and capacities of our public health system?” and “How well are we providing the Essential Public Health Services in our jurisdiction?” The dialogue that occurs in answering these questions can help to identify strengths and weaknesses and determine opportunities for improvement.

The NPHPSP is a partnership effort to improve the practice of public health and the performance of public health systems. The NPHPSP assessment instruments guide state and local jurisdictions in evaluating their current performance against a set of optimal standards. Through these assessments, responding sites consider the activities of all public health system partners, thus addressing the activities of all public, private and voluntary entities that contribute to public health within the community.

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Perry County Local Public Health System Performance Assessment – (PDF)


 Perry County Community Health Improvement Plan

“Partners for Your Health” is pleased to share the Perry County Community Health Improvement Plan. The development of this plan was an assessment process that brought together community representatives to identify priority health issues in Perry County.

This plan should be used as a guide by the community to improve the health of Perry County residents. This document shall be used as a reference and serve as the foundation for many health improvement efforts within the county. By implementing this plan over the next several years, Perry County residents will receive increased access to healthcare and preventative services. Together we will also reduce the rate of tobacco use and address the obesity epidemic. Implementation will reinforce our vision “Perry County Adding More to Life! Value Strong – Community Focused – Health and Prosperity for All”.

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Perry County Community Health Improvement Plan – (PDF)


Perry County 2014 CHIP Accomplishments and 2015 Projects

Read about the progress that has been made on the 2014 Community Health Improvement Plan and check out what’s in the forecast for 2015.

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2014 CHIP Accomplishments 2015 CHIP Activities – (PDF)