Mobile Home Parks

MANUFACTURED HOME PARKS in Perry County are licensed by the health department and inspected for compliance with state laws and rules, which address design, construction, sanitation and safety considerations. The Ohio Department of Health has oversight of the Manufactured Home Program in Ohio. For more information, please see the Ohio Department of Health’s Manufactured Home Web site.

Licensed Mobile Home Parks
Broadway Mobile Home Park 308 West Broadway, New Lexington, Ohio
Robert’s Trailer Park Custers Point Road, Thornville, Ohio
Sunnyside Mobile Home Park 701 West Broadway, New Lexington, Ohio
Frame Moore Home Park Cermaic Road, Crooksville, Ohio
The Pines Mobile Home Community 277 Cemetary Road, Crooksville, Ohio
Dishons Trailer Park Jefferson Street, New Lexington, Ohio
Roselawn 12534 Rainer Road, Roseville, Ohio
Sheridan Trailer Park W. Sheridan Street Somerset, Ohio
Cheney Rental 116 Jefferson St. New Lexington, Ohio
Somerset Mobile Home Park

305 W. Sheridan Ave, Somerset, Ohio

Countryside Trailer Park 611 S. Main Street, New Lexington, Ohio
Clark Mobile Home Park 341 N. Logan Street, Junction City, Ohio
Valleyview Trailer Court Tile Plant Road, New Lexington, Ohio
Nutter Rentals State Route 93, New Straitsville, Ohio